Exorigos is sharing its secrets

Exorigos is a storytelling platform that owns and operates 8 websites from different verticals. We are dedicated to bringing fresh and engaging content on trending topics such as finance, travel, science, politics, and health.
Our focus is to bring quality content hand in hand with a great user experience in order to maintain leading statistics and provide high-quality inventory for our advertisers.


Over the last few years, we have developed cutting-edge technology that opened our ad units to quality monetization alongside top campaigns and tailored formats while keeping the user experience our first priority.
With hard work and our leader’s nonstop determination, we got to 50MM unique users, 6:00 minutes average time on site, and over 75% ad viewability, in just under 2 years.
Following our success as a leading publisher, we are excited to announce that we have decided to help our fellow publishers and share our knowledge, tech, and connections.